Woodland Society (cycle 2)

Discover the ways that communities of plants and animals interact and function within the forest. Our enthusiastic guides will captivate students, helping them explore and better understand the woodlands of the Outaouais region.

In the morning Take a guided tour of the forest and discover the many habitats nestled beneath the forest canopy.
At lunch
Enjoy a nice picnic outside…
In the afternoon Be transformed into honorary members of the forest ecosystem and explore the local food chains in the ultimate game of “Survival”!

«Woodland Society» transforms lessons into living classrooms to help students explore several key concepts of «living things» from the Science and Technology requirements of Quebec Educational Curriculum.

Elements explored
– Transformation of energy in living things (food chains)
Systems and interactions – Interactions between living organisms and their environment: 

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Parasitism and predation
Techniques and instrumentation – Use of simple observational instruments (magnifying glass, binoculars)
Appropriate language
– Terminology related to the understanding of living things

Furthermore, the program is conducive in the development of the Environmental Awareness and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Broad Area of Learning.

Fees in effect 2010-2011 sdfgsfghsfghsfghsghsfghsfghsfghsghsfghsfghsfghsfghsfghsghsghsfghsfghsfg
Base rate* $7.50/participant
24 hours in forest” rate contact-us
*this includes taxes and use of equipment

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