Forest Frenzy (cycle 1)

Come and explore the wonderful world of the forest foods and learn about the animals who consume them. Our enthusiastic guides will captivate students, helping them discover and understand the wonders of the local forest.

In the morning Discover how the forest plants and trees have come to exist and begin to understand their basic needs. Later partake in a guided hike to see what the local inhabitants have been munching on.
At lunch
Enjoy a nice picnic outside…
In the afternoon Experience how the local animals have adapted to life in the forest via our explorer kits, end the day by testing your skills and knowledge, successfully navigating the ‘’Amazing Maze’’

«Forest Frenzy» transforms lessons into living classrooms to help students explore several key concepts of «living things» from the Science and Technology requirements of Quebec Educational Curriculum.

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Living Things
-Plant growth (needs of a plant)
-Foods of domesticated and wild animals
-Animal’s adaptation to its environment (anatomy, behaviour)

Furthermore, the program is conducive in the development of the Environmental Awareness and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Broad Area of Learning.

Fees in effect 2010-2011 sdfgsfghsfghsfghsghsfghsfghsfghsghsfghsfghsfghsfghsfghsghsghsfghsfghsfg
Base rate* $7.50/participant
24 Hours in the Forest” rate contact-us
*this includes taxes and use of equipment

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